What is a 

Fresh 48 Session?!

Fresh 48 are sessions focused on those very tender first 48 hours. The ones that are groggy, foggy, and filled with emotion.

As a mama of three I am no stranger to just how fast those first few days fly by. I remember so clearly watching the sun rise with my baby in my arms, these are very tender and emotion packed moments. They can feel overwhelming in the moment, but the truth is they are gone too soon. Cue a Fresh 48 session!

I will come to the hospital or place of birth and document the real and raw moments. Scrunchy toes, pink bellies, and tiny new eyes, because we know they will grow way too fast. I am here to help you document and remember the first few days of baby.

I have been lucky enough to photograph Fresh 48s weekly from 2018-2020 *I took maternity leave 2020-2021, and again 2022-2023*

Fresh 48 sessions start range from $250-$450 +gst

Lets book your Fresh 48 session so nothing goes forgotten.. ​

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