“I don’t believe women need assistance to give birth, I believe they need community

Hello, it's me!

It’s safe to say that without women we wouldn’t be here today. The power that is women has always fascinated me, so finding myself assisting women in birth seems fitting. My experiences and fascination with birth started long ago, when I was just a young girl in pig tails watching cats give birth at the barn. I fell in love with birth and would breed my fish to just watch the process over and over again – what a weird child right.

When I got older I somehow fell into being a photographer, which lead me to photographing births. My love for the process had never faded, and my mom suggested I become a doula. I had never considered it, or even thought of it but how fitting considering I was always finding myself helping with birth and postpartum.

I now am lucky enough to be in and around birth as a doula and photographer. I find great joy in offering support in the journey of birth, but also creating art for my clients.

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Katey Mac

mother x3

Hey, hi, hello, yes that’s me! I am the face behind it all, one hand holding yours and the other a camera. Bringing my two worlds together, birth and art. I am a doula (3 years)  and photographer (10 years).

A little about me & my life…

I am a mother to 3 young boys, and a wife. I practice attached parenting, homeschooling, and I am a very crunchy individual. While I work with families who do not practice all the same things as myself, I center my business around having alternative information available.

While I am not a super hippy lady, and I am not over spiritual, I do believe in birth as a higher power and that it is a gift only women hold. I believe in the sacred moment of becoming a mother.

I once would hide who I was to make sure I was pleasing those around me. With the wake up my new direction for my business I have decided I am going to be just Katey Mac and not the woman I think people want to see. This has opened a door for me to work with families like mine, as well as continuing my love for diversity and working with other amazing families!

So here I am, a wild woman filled with creativity and birth knowledge. Fueled by hot chocolate, oatmeal cookies, and a drive to awaken women to the world of motherhood.

Maternal Union - Doula

I was standing in my barn talking to my horse, and thinking about all the things I wanted to do. Feeling waves of postpartum crashing into me. I knew I needed to change the way I was running my business and how I was living my life. I was not doing what I was put here to do. I was just getting by with what I was doing, and never filling my cup.

My heart said birth, and my head said keep at what you know pays the bills. Almost instantly the words Maternal Union came to my head. As soon as I heard those words I knew there was more to be done, and this would be the end of drowning in a empty cup.

So I decided to go back to my roots of adoring birth. To fill my cup I would need to do work that made my soul feel good. But what to do about creating art, which I also love so much. And then I realized I CAN do whatever I want! So I decided to merge my loves and dedicate myself to what I knew I was good at – Motherhood.

*Enter Maternal Union*

Are you ready for the full experience?

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