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Jones Lake, BC just outside Chilliwack and Hope is SUCH a beautiful location. If you haven’t been, you need to take the journey up the logging road and get there! The camping is unreal, the views are out of this world, and its so peaceful! Also there’s tons of frogs, and I just think they are SO cute its to DIE FOR!

This fun couple had never been, and what a day we had. With some ups and downs we made it to location and had a BLAST! Their dogs ran wild, in true Katey Mac spirit ha! I love watching life happen, and just photographing it. There was lots of skipping, dancing, singing, and goofing around – all of the good stuff that helps you step out of your comfort zone & access your love!

I may be bias but here’s some really cool stuff you can do at Jones Lake aka Wahleach Lake:

  • Jones Lake allows fishing! And in my experience, its some pretty good fishing too!

  • Camping at Jones Lake is waterfront, fun, and super back woods. Although at night it can get a little bit chilly, its still a 10/10 on my list for must visit camping spots!

  • Weather at Jones Lake is great if you don’t want to be sweating apples and bananas all day, in the summer it can get warm but I haven’t found it to be ridiculous like other camping./fishing spots.

  • There is some great cabin rentals at Jones, I’m talking A frame beauties that you NEED to check out!

  • The road conditions for Jones Lake are pretty good, I haven’t had a problem hauling my Kia Rio up and down it plenty of times when I didn’t have a truck available. This makes it ideal for those day travelers and those without 4×4 — just make sure you know how to drive up hill and DONT stop on the hills. Also don’t go in heavy snow!

So now you know that you need to visit Jones Lake, here are the wonderful pictures from their absolutely fantastic day adventuring around!

A Jones Lake Adventure

Next up on your bucket list of places to stop is now Jones Lake Chilliwack! Thank me later, friend!

P.S. Here is the address: Wahleach Lake, Fraser Valley D, BC V0X 1X1
Don’t get lost, there is NO service!

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