Mini sessions

Mini sessions at Katey Mac Photography are done on a limited basis. Mini sessions are available ONLY on the dates provided below, and only offered at the locations specified. Due to the limited availability of the minis, I recommend booking in advance.
More info like dates, packages and pricing can be found towards the bottom, give it a scroll to find more info about my minis!

Pricing For Mini Sessions Near You

Mini Session Packages
NOTE: Some minis(like studio) have their own pricing, please take note when booking.

Package 1
20 minute session
12 photos included (you choose from a full gallery) + additional available for purchase
(check dates for locations)
$220 +gst

Package 2
12 minute session
6 photos included (you choose from a full gallery) + additional available for purchase
(check dates for locations)

Up Coming Mini Sessions Near You…

Use the toggle to select the location and/or date you desire. You can book right from the drop down!
Location: Murrayville (Langley) January 22nd
Boudoir, small family, motherhood, professional, join me for a creative day in studio. Think all things filmy, artsy, and fun.
Cost: $175 for a 30 minute session and 12 images
$325 for 1 hour session and 18 images
Will also be offering coffee table heirloom albums (see my Instagram) starting at $100

Great question! There’s so much confusion about what a mini session really is, especially since every photographer has their own definition. Commonly among a lot of the big professional photographers a mini session is a group of sessions offered to clients on a select date, location, and time. These sessions usually range from 5-20 minutes long, including only 5-12 images and are designed to be short and sweet! Mini sessions usually have a theme to them, like Christmas Minis, Easter Minis, or Fall Minis, but sometimes they’re just a chance to update those family pics with your favorite photographer at a cheaper price than a full session.

Katey Mac Photography mini sessions range from themed to just a chance to spruce up the old family album and are always on predetermined dates and times. The big difference between a mini and a full session is that in the minis its very quick and cheery! Where are with full sessions we have time to joke, laugh, and open up to each other – it allows time to tell a story with imagery. Full sessions hit different, it’s a more unique and personal experience. Mini sessions are fast passed and to the point, but not to say we don’t still get some bomb ass photos! It’s just a bit different than a full size session, but still a fun experience!

Note: Even though each package will only include X amount of images, don’t worry! YOU get to pick the images from your gallery that you wish to choose.

Minis are something my family does a few times a year, since they’re so fun and a great way to document my family growing so fast! My sessions all though fast passed are very laid back and fun. My goal is to capture your family interacting with movement and giggles – we do not do stiff and strict posing here!! Let your kids run wild, chase them, play tag, Ill run with you! Jump in mud puddles or gives your kids a sneak attack of kisses!

I’ve got a list of fun and helpful prompts to help get your kids attention while still capturing amazing moments & memories. These are MORE than just photos, they are a fun game or a silly dance.

Families with multiple or older kids go for Package 1 (20 minutes). Older kids have a better understanding of photos, and can usually get into the swing of things quickly. Or if there is only 1-2 children its easier to jump right in and get things done in a short amount of time, making Package 2 a viable option!

Another thing to consider is how many photos you are wanting in your package, as each mini package comes with their own amount.

If you have any questions or are wondering what would be best for your family – don’t hesitate to send me a email with any questions!


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