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As a photographer in Vancouver who really enjoys working with pets, I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of furry friends! Not only am I someone who just enjoys photographing pets, I actually grew up in a very pet orientated home. My aunt was a dog breeder, now my mother is, and we lived on property with horses, dogs, cats, you name it! I even had a pet crayfish. This has granted me the ability to be a one of a kind pet photographer, with my patience and knowledge of working with animals. Below I have put together images from my recent shoots of pets with their families!

Pet Photographer Vancouver

My approach to pet photography is the same as it is to all the sessions I do. I am documenting your true life. I am not into stiff poses and forcing animals to sit in weird positions. Its just not me, and its not your true life. I know animals do better when under less pressure, so I prefer to let them run the session (with stipulation of course, ha). My style is laid back, loving, and filmy. You’ll notice I shoot very warm and nostalgic photos. My goal is to encompass as much of a film camera feeling into my photos as possible. Take a browse to see what I mean!

This session was for a clients pup who was nearing his time earth side. They decided it would be super special to do one last family photoshoot with him to hold close to their hearts.
Rest in pup paradise Apollo!

This family session included their Aussie Doodle named Nugget. I’ve been photographing this family since their wedding many years ago! I have been lucky to watch them grow and watch as members have joined their family.

This young pup was PUMPED to be apart of his mom and dads engagement session! As you can see, we were all very excited!

This little Aussie mixed joined his parents for their maternity session. He was very excited to be apart of all the action! What a great member of the family he will be, protecting this new baby!

Look at this happy boy, joining his new owner on her graduation day! What a special moment to have him be apart of. The best part of being a Vancouver dog photographer is the puppy breath!

Ok hooooow cute is this little Vancouver-ite-pupper. Truly was loving the camera action!

This couple enjoys getting down and dirty, and so does their dog Queenie! So how perfect it was to do a session where they all had fun in the mud while updating their family photos.

For additional samples of my work, check out Pure Heart Spaniels, I shoot all of their professional photos. Including the cute day old photos seen above!

Fun Facts About You Pet Photographer Vancouver:

  • My mom breeds English Springer Spaniels

  • I have 3 orange cats

  • I have a spotted horse, named Max who I rode down the isle at my wedding!

  • I enjoy a very fast and busy house filled with children and animals

Real. Raw. Mother. Doula. Photographer. Katey Mac // Maternal Union.

– a real mom sharing experiences and serving fellow mothers –

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