Sumas Mountain Adventure Engagement Session – Samantha & Jacob – Waterfalls & mountains

Samantha & Jacob joined me on Sumas Mountain for a fun and creative adventure session recently & wow did we ever have fun. The Abbotsford weather for the day wasn’t looking too hot, but we lucked out with some minimal drizzle & over cast that still gave us a beautiful view!
We started the session out more formal, but not long into it we broke out into dance to Lizzo & climbed on fallen trees with the wind in our hair. This couple was down for whatever! We could hear a waterfall near by and after our time int he forest had come to an end we decided to scope out the falls. Well what we found was a little holler of water down below us, pretty hard to get to. But Samantha suggested they go to an easier to get to area over looking the falls. After I slid down on my bum, and the couple graciously walked in front of me leading the way we found this amazing spot.

We finished off our adventure session with some amazing mountain top jeep pics!

I am so excited for their wedding, it is going to be so fun – and I just know it will be so unique to them!

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