I don't do prim and proper and posed.

Whether your in the city or the country. Your raising free spirited, strong willed, feral children. I document your true family.

Photographer + Doula

Heey, I’m Katey Mac, and I am so freaking pumped you landed here!
I am a Langley/Abbotsford/Cariboo photographer who specializes in motherhood and raw family portraits. I want to tell your story and show emotion in each photo I take of you. I am not a point and shoot photographer, so buckle up and prepare for your photoshoot filled with laughter, hugs, and real you.

Originally from Langley, I am currently living out my dreams in the Cairboo (Northern) of BC as a farmer, wife, birth worker, and artist. I travel to visit my parents in Langley and photograph folks often.

Your Langley, Abbotsford and Cariboo Photographer <3


What the heck do I mean?! Do most photographers and doulas service illegal aliens? Ha, I mean I’m here for real people who seek real connection. Genuine emotions, big belly laughs, and hair flowing in the wind. If you’ve stumbled here looking for perfectly posed crisp and clean photos – turn around. It’s not here.

If you desire one of a kind photographs that spark a little something in your soul, and always leave your face and heart with a smile – stay here, your in the right place! 70’s-80’s film inspired photos showing off connection and personality is what I specialize in. Sun flares, blurry captures, and artistic approach is how I roll.

If your in search of a birth attendant who is versed in the crunchy world and wants to help you achieve the birth story you desire – stay here! I specialize in traditional and holistic childbirth. My goal is to aid women in reaching the power of birth to create a experience they feel empowered by.

Why Katey Mac photography?

I am a photographer who specializes in story telling those deep, tender, and raw moments.

My family, maternity, and other sessions are not like your traditional photos. I want to capture real moments, the way your kids play with your hair, the way your newborn smiles when they’re asleep, the way your partner pulls you in for a kiss.

why? Authenticity. Creativity. Freedom.

It’s not about perfection and Instagram goals for me. I am here to truthfully document you. No stiff posing, no forced smiles, children run free here and I welcome potty jokes. My hope is that my clients all feel comfortable in their skin to big laugh and show off their personalities in photos.

In your session expect to laugh, move, and feel free. Your gallery will boast with unique artistic photographs of true personality. It will leave you feeling good, and probably laughing. If your curious to see past galleries, take a look at my portfolio!

moments of your life made into fine art, forever in your hands


Father time steals from us each time we blink. Our children bloom and grow while we wrinkle and freckle.

I create imagery that is warm, timeless, and leaves your heart feeling full with each glance. Photographs that really represent your family & season.

I do not point the camera and shoot. I am laying down in the grass beside your toddler as they burry their feet into the grass belly laughing. I am standing in a tree to secretly document the camera shy child. I will adjust your blouse and hold your sons hand. I want to work with you to document your true family. 


“Katey was absolutely incredible!

On a regular day I’d be more than satisfied with the service and the quality of photos she provided, however, Katey had to work with rain, #covid19 as well as a time crunch. Katey went above and beyond when it came to thinking on the spot and coming up with the most personal place for my husband and I to take our newly wed photos, we captured moments from places where we first met and spent the most time together while we were getting to know each other and falling in love. I recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer who truly cares about what she does and capturing the moments that will melt your heart. Thank you Katey for being a part of my big day, you’re fantastic!”

Portfolio + Blog

Vulnerable and helpful blog posts.

it's time to really document your life..

Your Langley, Abbotsford, and Cariboo dream photographer is waiting for you

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