My minimalist realistic crunchy mom Christmas list for my kiddos

My minimalist realistic crunchy mom Christmas list for my kiddos

Since I am a bit of a “strict” mom I get a lot of questions about what we put on our kids Christmas lists. Each year I share some ideas but for 2023 I thought why not make a entire blog with a list for y’all!

Our children get minimal screen time and when they do it’s things we have chosen for them. There is no free rein or clicking buttons, we are always in control of what they’re exposed to. For example we don’t have any streaming services hooked up to our TV. We do bum Netflix off my mom and it is on my husband and I’s phones and my laptop but the kids literal cannot access it without us.

Don’t be fooled though, our kids watch TV! However when our kids are able to watch TV it is on a old ass flat screen that my step dad got me for my 13th birthday. It is hooked up to a DVD player and a VHS player. We have a binder of DVD’s they can choose from that we have picked out for them and they have a basket of VHS movies, some from when I was little!! This feels safest for them at their ages when it comes to screen time and internet access. Well our kids do watch some Youtube and Netflix, we really try to keep them busy in real life and not on the screen. But we aren’t perfect and our TV is on everyday.

Our parenting values always raise questions when it is time to buy gifts and we appreciate how much our family and friends care! We know we aren’t “normal” and we think it is super cool to have people supporting us as we try to raise our kiddos a little different.

With that in mind our kids are not allowed tablets, smart anything, a ton of plastic crap, or a bunch of toys without meaning. In this list below you’ll find what our kids are into and what we agree is safe and child friendly! 

My little family hopes you enjoy this blog and find some goodies for your kids! As always please note the links provided in this blog are amazon affiliate links and we sometimes get a kick back from purchases made while using the links – this helps support our fam!

Grade 1 (7 years) Christmas List.

My nearly 7 year old is in Grade 1 this year. We sent him to school late after my husband started working away and I was overwhelmed by 3 kids, work and a farm. Since going to school we have faced some troubles since kids talk and he of course wants what all his friends have and doesn’t understand why he cannot have them. Sometimes difficult conversations need to be had, and he almost always understands after. For example he really wanted a Pokemon smart watch, but we didn’t feel this was a necessity for a 6 year old. We decided together that a Pokemon watch in general would still be so so cool!

Sometimes it takes a little convincing and explanation as well as creativity to have your kids understanding.

Here is Lucas’ Christmas list:

3 Year Old Christmas List

Lachlan is 3 and a simple man. He enjoys Paw Patrol, dinosaur anything, playing with his toys, and a nice snuggle with a blanket. His wish list reflects this! I also added some things I thought he would enjoy. I like to keep it simple for my younger kids, they always end up loosing pieces or wrecking the toys. And if there is a lot of pieces it gets so complicated. Simple is best for my kids. Bonus if its wooden and not plastic!

Click on the links below to be directed to the product:

Paw Patrol “The Mighty Movie”

Paw Patrol the Movie

Paw Patrol Dino Rescue

Diego Dino Book

This one he saw on a commercial and has been asking about it often. I have been searching for it everywhere but yet to find it second hand… DiegoDino Movie

Dino Night Light

Dino Learning Set

Dino Bedding (Lachlan and Leo have a queen)

2 Year Old Christmas List.

My last son is nearly 2 and obviously doesn’t say much! But we know what he’s into and what he would enjoy.

Doodle and Erase Pad (90’s kids you’ll love this one)

Travel Busy Board

Fun Bath Toys

Bath Toy Hanger/Drier

Water Toys For Bath

My kids are pretty picky about clothing and like very soft clothes. Lachlan and Leonardo like the Jax and Lenon Brand or Kindred Co Brand leggings the most. As Lucas gets older he does get less picky and is finally wearing jeans! I hope this list was helpful on your Christmas Shopping for your kiddos!


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