My Secret To My Mental and Physical Health

The secret to my mental and physical health…

I have been keeping a secret… And if you remember my surprise baby, well it’s not THAT big BUT it is some tea that you will want to know… There’s been questions about weight, hair growth, glowing skin… Lots of questions so here’s a quick story and some answers.

We moved 2 years ago (3 winters to be exact) to give our kids a better life. However the root of that wasn’t as simple. I was suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety, my husband was working like a dog to just make enough, I was working insane amounts doing work I didnt feel aligned with… It was all so we could live in the Lower Mainland.

My husband and I both grew up in Langley, so leaving was scary. But at 21 we wanted to buy a home so we moved to Abbotsford where we could afford with all our hard earned money, a 900sqft apartment. We had just one son at the time and it was a 2 bedroom place, it worked and we did love it and made it a home. We did some updates, made local friends, and enoyed our life there. However when we got married we grew our family with another son, and things got squishy. We felt an urge to leave, but faced the housing crisis and the outrageous pricing. We felt very stuck.

Every summer we would vacation a good span over the lower half of BC, where we would daydream of acreage and children running barefoot outside. I grew up on property, we always had it, and always had animals. It was a huge dream for me to raise my children the way I was. I wanted so badly for them to grow up looking out their window at their horses and animals. My husband shared in a lot of my dreams, and also had his own which included less constant work and more slow time with family enjoying our hobbies.

Photo of my family by Erin Fraser in Langley

We said “one day, one day” and that was that. We just promised eachother every summer… “One day”. When we voiced our ideas we were met with concern from family and friends, moving was a huge deal and could we handle being away from everything we had ever known…

Spring of 2021 we found out that we were expecting another baby. I had never wanted 2 under 2, it was never even a thought for me. I was not expecting another baby, infact I wasn’t sure I wanted one after my last birth(s), find that story here. I felt a lot of fear for our future, especially with COVID happening. I was suffering silently from postpartum depression and really struggling to keep up with motherhood and work. Fear and anxiety were ruling my life.

One day I woke up and my fear had been replaced with fire, like good fire. I felt full of energy and ready to dive for something, anything big. I told my husband I wanted to sell our apartment… We met with our realtor friend, we left for Whistler a few days later and he listed AND sold our house the few weeks we were gone. We had nowhere to go, and no idea what to do. But my heart was calling, it was screaming for something more.

We had already been working towards a healthier lifestyle, but we were doing the best we knew how to do with limited space and limited knowledge. With health for our kids and mental health for me and my husband in mind I had an idea.. So I read a book. I finished the book in a day. I told my husband the most wild thing I had ever said to him… I wanted to move up North.

My first born and I who started my health journey!

My husband is a man of not a ton of words, and is very supportive of my dreams. He went along with it, and maybe he didn’t think I was super serious.. I told him this on a Wednesday, on a Thursday I told our realtor, and on a Friday we were driving 4.5 hours from home to view properties. Sunday we put in an offer, and that was that. We moved not long after.

So began our journey into health and happiness.

I started looking at food so differently. We bought local meat and eggs, and stopped buying bread from the store. I made most of our snacks, and prepared almost every meal. We were making progress.

When we started growing and raising our own food we learnt so much more about the body and what it needs. The books The Dental Diet and Deep Nutrition really helped me in finding my way thru diets and modern eating. I had never even really heard about liver, or organ meats… But now I knew the benefits. I didn’t know what raw milk was, or that our milk was anything but raw! And then I got a goat and then a cow that we milked and made all our dairy from.

For me eating organ meats was not really my idea of a good time… So I wondered about other sources and how to get this in me and my family…

Leonardo and his great grandmother who inspired our move with her move from Italy to Canada many years ago.

I started using Perfect Supplements multi organ capsules and I FELT better. I used that mixed with Vit C or Acerola and Magnesuim (which I had been taking for a few years BUT my friends, quality matters). I noticed I was over all feeling better, I had more energy, I felt less foggy, I felt like my depression was fading, I noticed my hair and nails growing,I was producing more breastmilk and I was starting to loose a lot of my baby/depression weight (with exercise, I am very active now that were on a farm).

My husband started taking them and noticed a difference too. Although he mentioned that they can make your bowel movements change (LOL sorry Joe). I didn’t notice the same effects however. We have found ways to get the goodness into our kdis via smoothies and home made treats.

If I skip a day or two I notice a difference in my mind and body. I truly feel that I have found a missing piece of what my body was screaming for. I feel confident in giving these things to my kids and knowing our bodies will thrive with them.

I made a list for you here of the items we know and use and that our friends and family use too! We were lucky enough to be able to get an affiliate account after we shared our love for these products, and even got you a discount code! Please note that using the link does give my family a kick back, but doesn’t cost you anything!

With the new laws in Canada being passed on naturopathic care our family is stocking up on all the goodies.. I would urge you to try them and stock up now or next pay cheque!

Perfect Supplements is an amazing company with good ethics and values, which you can find more about here. I really like their line of supplements for the specific reason that they are from grass fed animals! Grass fed is the ideal animal to consume for ruminants.

Multi Organc Capsule I use this as like a multivitamin, I take 3-4 a day. I found this to truly help my mood/mental health. When I miss a day or two I’m so sluggish and sad. I’ve also had much better and less painful menstrual cycles. My husband takes the same ones as I do.

Beef Liver Capsule this is just pure liver, my husband also takes this one and said it’s easier on his digestion and all that. I prefer all the organs.

Gelatin Powder ok this stuff will make you the best homemade yogurt. My yogurts were good, but now they’re GOOD and have the best consistency. Super love this for yogurts, gummies (put the Multi Organ or Beef Liver powder into this for healthy gummies) and pannacotta (my favourite Italian dessert dish).

There’s no secret to these products, no MLM or any hidden motives. My family and I truly enjoy these products and I’m happy to be sharing them (as I do all our fav products — see the blog!). We’re pumped to have an affiliate link where we can offer our favourite products to you and a kick back to us. We also have a code for 10% off AND you can stack this code.


November 14th to 16th at noon they are having a huge sale with 25% off each Perfect item. PLUS stack our code and get an additional 10% off each product! PSA it is in American pricing.

We as well use skin care from Wild Side Soap and love their beef tallow for the kids and I use it on my face for that glowing look!

My favourite clean protein powder that goes hand in hand with this all is Real Food Protein.

Time to stock up 🧡

Real. Raw. Mother. Doula. Photographer. Katey Mac // Maternal Union.

– a real mom sharing experiences and serving fellow mothers –

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