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A Langley maternity session in Campbell Valley in the fall.

Maternity Photographer

Hey you! Welcome to my site. I’m Katey Mac, a maternity (and more) photographer servicing the Vancouver/Lower Mainland and Cariboo area! As a doula and a mom of 3 little boys I am so in love with pregnancy and the beauty in it. Photographing maternity sessions is so near and dear to my heart, and I feel so much happiness each and every time I see a family blossoming.

Being a maternity photographer means understanding the tender moments that each parent is in, and knowing just how to pose mamas to make them feel absolutely gorgeous. I know first hand what its like to be standing in a whole new body, I take my knowledge and apply it to my maternity sessions. “Chin slightly up” “hands cupped around the belly to pop it more” “move your left leg out a bit for that prefect angle” these are all parts of making my sessions run smoothly and providing a excellent client experience!

Below I am answering some of my most asked maternity session questions + sharing my most recent and favorite maternity photography galleries!

What to expect in your Maternity Session?

In my company comfort is a standard, you should feel free and comfortable during your entire maternity session! I want clients to feel themselves, and confident – this is very important to me. Expect to feel safe and heard! Besides feeling comfortable, expect that you’ll be directed and helped along the way. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose, or your partner is awkward! That’s for me to work my magic on, I do this everyday full time. I’ve got it covered with prompts to get you out of your cameras fears, jokes to lighten the mood, and posing tips that have you feeling stunning and confident!
Expect: A experience that leaves you feeling butterflies and excitement on the drive home!

This was a Langley Maternity Session at a local park in the area.

Maternity Photographer Style and Approach!

My photography style is laid back, warm, authentically you, and nostalgic! I love capturing sun flares, orbs, and other blurs that are naturally created from the settings around me. In my maternity sessions my goal is to have all my photos coming out beautiful and with a filmy feeling that leaves your heart feeling fuzzy. You know like when you visit Gram and you see those old film photos? The ones that make you feel all the feels. That is what I like to create with my imagery. Its not about perfect moments and super sharp photos, its about emotion and moments. My maternity photography style is to have client be as free as can be, and let the sun shine and do its thing in camera! You’ll see this in my photos, each session has its own unique vibe to it!

My style means forget stiff poses and feeling awkward. This isn’t a Walmart photo session your mom dragged you to when you were 5! Time to feel good and have fun!

Who are Katey Mac maternity sessions for?!

My clients are looking for a unique and full experience. I strive to provide excellent service, make my clients comfortable, and also bring forth one of a kind images that really have personality to them. That being said some of my clients choose to stick to traditional flowy dress rolling field photos, and others want to get nude at the beach. I am here to follow your lead, and bring my own artistic twist to it!

I don’t just work with one type of person, I work with anyone who wants to do something fun and who has a good spirit about it!

Good vibes only.

When is the best time for my Maternity Photography Session?

As a rule of thumb I prefer to not start shooting until about 34/35 weeks (unless a care provider has made you aware of complications that would have baby come earlier). I like to start around 35 weeks as babies tend to drop a little lower, and round out the bellies a bit more. It gives you ample time to grow that little babe into that beautiful little ball of maternity goodness! 38 weeks is usually the cut off for booking a session since babies can come whenever they want to! Although I had two very late babies (try 42 weeks), some babies like to come fast and furious before those due dates!

Do also consider the season! Are you due in the dead of winter? Perhaps taking your maternity photos a bit early would help avoid poor weather. Or if your due in the middle of summer, try a spring session to avoid sweating your belly off! No matter when you book, we will make your session a breezy dream.

Below is a gallery of a 38 week maternity session in Langley during late September. This mama had her baby boy just a few weeks later!

Where Do Maternity Sessions Happen?!

I travel all over British Columbia (even Canada) taking photos for amazing people. However most of my work is done in my home town of Langley, just outside Vancouver or in my little town of 100 mile (The Cariboo area). Traveling is all part of the job being a maternity photographer, as pregnancy happens in even the most rural areas on BC! Maternity sessions usually take place at local parks or beaches! Sometimes even in home (which I adore).

I do have favorite locations though! I absolutely love the Tofino area for intimate maternity sessions on the beach. Langley offers some awesome parks with vast fields of rolling golden goodness. Fort Langley holds one of my most prized secret spots for golden hour spring maternity sessions. Whistler is another favorite with lush and thick forests and the option to hop on a helicopter for even better views! Surrey is on my list as well for its beautiful beaches, picture long flowy dresses in the sand or even intimate nude maternity photography at the private beaches along the north side (don’t worry I know the spots).

For location ideas, browse the galleries I have added throughout this blog, if you see a shoot you love – send it to me!

Below is a Langley maternity photography session in November!

What to wear during your Maternity Session?!

The main thing to remember when working with me is comfort. I want clients to be able to move freely, and feel good about it. I am not a stiff posed kind of photographer, so dresses that are designed to be worn for specific poses might not suit best to your session with me. Look for dresses or outfits that give you a good amount of leg coverage (so you can shake around without any worries hah!). Make sure tops and shirts don’t show more breast area than you are comfortable with, we don’t want any accidents!

As far as patterns and colours for anyone attending and being photographed in the maternity session you’ll want to avoid hats, wild prints, bright pinks and other colours, and anything with stripes or writing on it! Think simple and earthy!

Ever thought about doing a intimate maternity session?! Check out this one below..
This maternity session was shot at my top secret location in Fort Langley, BC about 1 hour from Vancouver!

Can I bring my family to my maternity session?

Yes! Of course. Sometimes its handy to bring someone along who you are comfortable with to watch the kiddos while you get some solo or couples shots. But family members are always welcome! If your choosing to do bonus intimate time after the family shots we can also accommodate this as well.

This was a beautiful summer session I hold close to my heart! I started photographing this family when their oldest was just a few months old, and went on to document their birth, newborn, and wedding. I even supported their family at the hospital during birth as their doula!

Below are some more galleries of my recent favorite maternity sessions!

Surrey Maternity Session

This was a maternity session at a beach in the Northern area of Surrey! Mama was 35 weeks and had a very excited 4 year old waiting on a baby sister! I’ve been photographing this family since their wedding many, many years ago!

Boudoir maternity session in studio, Langley BC.

My secret location in Langley for this beautiful creamy and dreamy sunset maternity session on the beach!

Here’s a smaller maternity session in early spring! They brought their pup along for their shoot. The focus for them was not jump bump, but their relationship.

A very lush and flowery maternity session in Langley at a local park! This session took place in early spring when all the flowers were popping up!

Intimate boudoir style maternity session outdoors in a field near Langley.

Langley Maternity

Studio lifestyle maternity session in Surrey.

Real. Raw. Mother. Doula. Photographer. Katey Mac // Maternal Union.

– a real mom sharing experiences and serving fellow mothers –

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