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Disclaimer: As always, consult with your healthcare provider before starting any treatments or if you believe you are developing mastitis/clogged ducts. This information does NOT replace the diagnostics or help from a doctor/midwife. Always check with providers for health and allergy concerns. Seek medical attention for fevers above 39. Consult with a doctor or registered natural path doctor before starting any remedies or medications while breastfeeding or pumping. I am not a doctor, but sharing my story and what worked for me. Any links in this blog may be affiliate links and offer a kick back to my family if you use them to purchase.

If you have been following along with me for awhile, you know that I have struggled with mastitis for YEARS! between two babies I have had it 21 times… YIKES right. Makes your boobs ache. With my first I had it 9 times in one year, and my second I got it twice in the first 3 weeks of his life! Just horrible. However my pain has led me on a journey to the mastitis miracle, lol! I want to share with you, in hopes that others get the help the need!

Yes!!! I said it… A miracle worker for mastitis. In this blog you will find info on mastitis and clogged ducts, a way to ditch those nasty antibiotics, plus some home remedies to help heal, avoid, and unclog those milk ducts!

Lachlan (youngest) was just 7 days old when I spiked a fever of 39.9 randomly and realized I had developed mastitis. I was absolutely shocked and taken back by this diagnosis. I had had this so many times, I knew what to watch for, I was looking and feeding and doing everything in my power to avoid that nasty little bitch mastitis. With Lucas I developed it at 7 days as well, and was admitted to the hospital for how severe it was (read that story here). I called my midwife and she sent a prescription so my local pharmacy for pick up, but suggested I wait 24 hours and try to get the clog out myself. Having had mastitis 9 times in 12 months with my first, I was a pro and getting rid of it before needing antibiotics. I was always able to fight the fever and get the infected clog out! So I gave it a shot this time, but this clog would not budge and my fever was set rocketing to 39.9 – time to start a treatment plan. Honestly at this point I was in pain from delivery, my breasts hurt, I was exhausted, and the fever was making my bones and head ache deeply, so a natural option was not high on my to find list. I started the antibiotics, but they did not start helping for 48 hours, I even made a quick trip to the hospital ER where they gave me a once over and after a few hours decided I could continue to treat at home with antibiotics.

Blah blah blah, ok so I had mastitis. I started antibiotics. Great, here’s why I was not ready to start them again when I developed the infection again a week and a bit later…

Antibiotics come with a long ass list of what can happen and side effects. I pretty much was subject to every side effect listed on the document. I got the mouth sores on my gums, I got cold sores, bloody stools, painful constipation, teeth aching, and the list goes on. Not to mention thrush and yeast infections are HUGE with antibiotics.

Another solid reason is that your body can become immune to the antibiotics after so many uses, and my number of uses was getting high. I was ready to find another way to beat this.

My mom came over, my temp was 39 degrees and I was struggling to move. She knew we needed to act fast, we called my midwife and had a prescription ready but she wanted to try something different and so did I. She hopped on google and found many different answers from people about what natural medications or remedies could help, but I wasn’t convinced. She decided she would go to a Naturalpathic Doctor/Store in Abbotsford, and explain my symptoms and ask about these medications online. She went to Bani Homeopathy or otherwise known at Lifecare Homeopathic Clinic just off the Clearbook exit area — #1 32056 South Fraserway. She spoke with Dr. Shveta Saini who was a family doctor before changing to homeopathy care! Info on her here. My mother explained everything that was going on, how many times I had had mastitis and how high my fever gets. Dr. Shveta was amazing and hoped to it finding a homeopathic fix for my infection.

Why do you want to treat clogged ducts instantly? Well obviously for mastitis but also because they can turn into cysts and need to be popped and removed by a surgical doctor in some cases!

R1 (a cocktail of things I believe, in a liquid form) for the infection itself.
I was to take this twice a day, morning and night 5 drops each time into some water. I took this for about one week to be sure the infection was gone, however it cleared after a few days of this remedy.

Hepa Sulph
I was to take this for my fever, 7 tablets in 1/4th cup water. Morning, afternoon and evening. This took awhile to kick in (about 5 hours or so) so I did take Tylenol in the meantime to lower my fever which was now 39.9 degrees. However this worked amazing in my opinion, after the few hours it took, I no longer needed the Tylenol and I wasn’t having the symptoms of a fever, but my temp was still a BIT warm but nothing crazy. Eventually after 3 days my temperature was completely gone, and so were all the fever symptoms.

Dr. Shveta was amazing, and I now swear by this! And HER! I would suggest to all my friends to visit her if you can catch mastitis early enough, or for another infection/illness! She may have different prescriptions for different patients an symptoms.
#1 32056 South Fraserway, Abbotsford BC.

What is Mastitis:

Inflammation in the breast, usually due to a clogged duct leading to infection.


  • Lump on breast


  • Redness or swelling on breast


  • Typically a red spot in the shape of a triangle


  • Discharge of colour from breast (may contain blood)


  • Sensation of burning or discomfort while breastfeeding


  • Fever (watch for this closely, and start treatment as soon as possible. Seek care if fever passes 39 degrees)


  • Flu like symptoms

Mastitis causes:

Mastitis is caused by bacteria on you, on your baby, on your belongings, and around you. This bacteria enters through cracked nipples, cuts, or just while breastfeeding.

Infection is mostly likely to occur when you have a clogged duct or not breastfeeding often enough (or baby isn’t eating enough).  The milk that is sitting there acts as the perfect nesting grounds for bacteria to settle down and start a family, yuck.

You are most likely to get mastitis if:

  • You are not washing your hands properly after changing diapers

  • Have cracked nipples

  • Are not ensuring a proper latch

  • Wear tight bras (wire bras are a no)

  • Only feed in one position

  • Restricting babies feedings

  • Weaning while you have good supply

Avoiding a clogged duct and mastitis infection:


  • Sunflower Lecithin is great for keeping those ducts nice and lubed up so milk can flow freely. Since starting this I have no got mastitis again. Many many women recommend this in either pill form or powder to help keep clogs at bay!


  • LOTS of water!!! I am not sure the science behind this, but I have heard from so many women and experienced that water truly helps avoid the clogged ducts.


  • Check for oral ties… As your midwife or care provider to check for ties if you are consistently getting clogged ducts/mastitis. Usually accompanied by sore nipples from a bad latch!


  • Chiropractor!! Ok seems weird right, but babies can get kinks from being in belly, which can mess with their ability to correctly latch and be comfortable. Poor latch can cause clogged ducts thru and thru!


  • Ditch the bra with underwire! You want support without the metal wire, it has been proven to cause breast clogs! Make sure you have good support in your bra too, letting the girls hang for me leaves a bunch of milk trapped in the underside!


  • Keep nursing on demand. Babies know what they need, we don’t. Let them nurse and clear that milk!


  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach or sides as this can trap milk. I know this sucks, I am a tummy sleeper BUT avoid it until you regulate your milk (at least a few months) and get the hang of breastfeeding a new baby.


  • Massaging the breast helps keep things flowing! When feeding try lightly rubbing your breast without undoing that baby’s latch!

Product I recommend to avoid and/or cure mastitis and clogged ducts…

Put this liquid into a smoothie to check all your boxes! Protein, fiber, and lecithin to lessen your chances of clogged ducts!

My favourite nursing bras are actually just sports bras! I like to just pull it down, breastfeed and pop it back up. I find them way comfier!

Although my children use these pads as flying saucers. They make for the best pads I have tried. I love that I can wash them so they are planet friendly and I don’t feel bad swapping them out more often to avoid bacteria!

Clearing a clogged duct:


  • Using a electric tooth brush or vibrator LIGHTLY on and around the mass/clog. The vibration can hep loosen and clear the duct.
  • Start Sunflower lecithin right away! Lube those ducts up, mama!
  • Hot/warm compress her top of the clogged area.
  • Cabbage Leaves. Now just hang on, you don’t want to go and dry up that supply (unless you do) so be very careful with this. Click here to see how to use cabbage leaves properly.
  • Dangle feeding. This is when you stand or sit over top of baby, hovering your breast over their face and feed them like this. Gravity can do a lot of things to our poor boobs, but the one amazing thing it can do is help pull that milk out! This worked incredibly for me with my first.
  • Garlic!!! Figured this out on my own, and then realized years later so many women use it too! Garlic is a natural antibiotic, mother natures very own kick ass one. What I did was buy fresh garlic and chop it into pill size and swallowed! BUTTTTTT you can also buy garlic pills for easier consumption and longer lasting. I found its just not as potent.
  • Massage. If there was ever a time to let your partner fondle your goods, now is the time. Yes it can be a bit painful, but those massages are great for loosening things up!
  • SLEEP! Ya, haha. I said the unthinkable. We know its impossible to always get that rest, but call whoever you need to because mastitis and clogged ducts need a strong and rested mama. This is a perfect time to seek out a postpartum doula, gosh what a life saver when your struggling with mastitis and do not have family/friends available.
  • Warm Ass Shower (WAS, lol). Don’t go burning your skin, but a warm shower and letting those breasts leak away is such a great way to clear them. Accompany this with some coconut oil in the shower while massaging them. The hot water will do wonders, and the massage gets things moving.
  • Epson salt bath OR haakaa with warm water and epson salt! If you have a bath great, hop on in and get on those hands and knees. Let your breasts sway and move in the water. It can be helpful to take a comb and brush your breasts to help move things along. If you DONT have a bath, not to worry! Take a haakaa, fill with warm water and add epson salt. I used this in the shower for double warm water. Take it and apply it to your breast and watch as it fills with milk. My clog came SHOOTING out after this. Sometimes it can take a few tries over a few days…
  • Let your breasts leak while you feed baby. I usually just laid a breast pad, menstrual pad, or towel under my opposite breast while feeding. It would leak so much and relieve so much pressure that was built up!
  • Alternate breast WHILE feeing. Its gong to bug your baby, but alternating helps clear double side clogged ducts. Let your breasts openly leak while you switch, the baby will get a good flow going and hopefully slow your breasts to leak thoroughly.
  • Poke Root Tincture. Ask your midwife or care provider about this option! It can help with the infection.

Lastly, pumping. So I avoid pumping at all costs (use the haaka), because naturally when you pump you’re encouraging production. Production may be the problem in the first place or a clog so why add to it! If you are clogged, try pumping just a small amount before or after a feeding. Usually after a feeding baby has cleared most of the other milk so you can hopefully just be pulling the clogged duct BUT if you pump before, you are freeing up milk in the way of the clog so baby can suck away at the problematic duct. Babies suction is far better than your pump (so long as they have a good latch).

Product I recommend to avoid and/or cure mastitis and clogged ducts…

I have two of these and if you don’t have two, click the link because you NEED two. It is so nice to either put both on, or interchange them as needed! 

Again, I have two of these. I use these in my bra while I am away from baby to catch those drips! Although the OG haaka is my favourite.

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